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Newborn Lifestyle Session

Booking a lifestyle session is the same as a normal studio session, before baby arrives (preferably around the 20-30 week mark) as like my studio sessions I like to book in a limited number each month. 

Lifestyle session are different to my normal studio sessions. These sessions are carried out at 1-3 weeks in the comfort of your own home. Oh no you say my house is a mess, please don't stress. I require 2 rooms in your house to be tidy and clutter free, these are usually the bedroom and a sitting/lounge room they also need to have nice natural light (I don't use flash on newborns). 

So we make a temporary booking on your due date then once baby arrives we schedule a day and time for your session. I find that 10am is the perfect time for the lighting but your house maybe different so please watch the sun for a few days and let me know at time of booking. Sessions usually take 1-2 hours, I take photos of your family and also of baby alone (no posed shots or props). 

After your session I do exactly the same as any normal sessions, images get culled and edited then I upload them to a private gallery for you to choose which images you would like and which package. I can also pop a sneak peek for you on Facebook (model release will need to be signed). 

Lifestyle sessions can also be included in my multiple session packages. 

Please note all editing is carried out by me and at no time will clients be given Raw files to edit themselves